How Our Jewelry Works

Threadless Jewelry (Bend & Press In)

  • Threadless posts are made up of two pieces. The decorative end, and a flat back labret.
  • Threadless posts are secured by creating tension between the “pin” on the decorative end, and the post. The pin is bent slightly before being inserted into the post.
  • To place threadless jewelry into your piercing, insert the post from the back of the piercing channel, then press the decorative end on until you hear a slight squeezing sound or no longer feel movement. Check closely to make sure the pin is no longer visible, and the top piece is flush with the post.
  • To remove, grasp the decorative end and the backing and pull apart. The top piece will separate from the post.
  • Every once in a while you should be checking on your piece to ensure that it is secure. Take your pointer finger and thumb and firmly squeeze the front and back of the jewelry.

Threaded Jewelry (Both Ends Unscrew)

  • Threaded posts are made up of three separate pieces. The decorative gold end, plus a shaft (the piece that goes through your piercing) and a bead or disc backing.
  • To place threaded jewelry into your piercing, either thread the disc (or bead) onto the shaft and insert the post from the back of your piercing channel then secure the gold end on in front by twisting clockwise OR secure the gold end onto the shaft and insert the piece from the front of your piercing before threading the backing on.
  • Both the backing and the decorative end are removable. To remove your jewelry, twist in a counterclockwise position until one side becomes loose. Continue to turn until either the gold decorative end, or the backing comes off.
  • Every once in a while you should be checking on your piece to ensure that it is secure. Firmly grasp the gold top and the backing and rotate clockwise until no more movement is felt.

Seam Rings (Twist In Opposite Directions)

  • Seam Rings are a great long term jewelry option for healed piercings. They are not meant to be taken in and out, and can become warped if opened incorrectly or too many times.
  • Seam Rings are made with one single cut, and BVLA Seam Rings have a concave and convex side. The convex side is rounded and smooth and will be more comfortable to insert into the piercing.
  • To insert, find the seam and using your pointer finger and thumb on each hand, grasp both sides of the ring and gently move in opposite directions with even pressure. Never pull the ring apart! Insert the convexed (smooth) side into your piercing, before bringing the ends back together with the opposite motion of opening. You may need to make some slight adjustments by pressing past the closed position on the ring to line the ends up. Make sure the closure is flush so the seam does not cause irritation if it passes through your piercing.
  • Please be advised that warped Seam Rings will be void from the BVLA free lifetime repair warranty. If you are having any trouble with jewelry purchased from us, you can schedule a jewelry insertion in the studio at no cost!


Body Vision Los Angeles jewelry is guaranteed for life. If the pin or thread snaps, or if a stone falls out of the setting your piece will be repaired for free. Simply email us at to begin the repair process! This policy does not cover loss of jewelry.