A few of our favorite BVLA pieces

We are proud to work exclusively with Body Vision Los Angeles to offer quality solid gold jewelry made to last a lifetime! A rotating selection of our beautiful handmade BVLA jewelry can be found online. These pieces represent a small portion of our extensive collection. More options are available in store or by custom order.

All BVLA pieces can be customized to your specifications. We can easily work with you on ANY Gold & Gemstone wishes that you may have. Contact us for custom quotes.

  • Right ear featuring an assortment of BVLA jewelry in 14k Yellow gold with Chrysoprase and Diamonds, pieces include a "Jeanie 2", "cab Prong" and a "Marquise Fan"
  • Photo of an Ahimsa Piercing Studio client with 8 piercings on her left ear ear. Conch, and 3 visible lobe piercings in rose gold with CZ and 3 stacked helix piercings with jewelry in rose gold with London blue topaz and 2 beaded chains and a flat piercing featuring a snake rose gold
  • Photo of an Ahimsa Piercing Studio client with 4 piercings on her right ear. First lobe piercing showing part of a dangling earring, second lobe piercing featuring BVLA's "Flat Heart", third lobe piercing featuring BVLA's "Tri Bead Arc" and a conch piercing fearuting BVLA's "Flat V" with a link chain attached to the front and back. Mix of yellow and rose gold
Custom Google Map showing the Carroll Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn with a pointed Ahimsa Piercing Studio logo in black and gold showing our location

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