Graphic text - "Recommended Piercing Aftercare.

- Clean your new piercing with sterile saline daily for the first 8-12 weeks. You can use a presoaked saline gauze pad OR use your saline spray to completely saturate a piece of sterile gauze.
- Wrap the soaked gauze around the piercing and apply light pressure. Enough pressure should be applied so the saline drips over the jewelry. Do this for 2 minutes using one piece of gauze per piercing.
- Rinse the jewelry at the end of each shower. Allow warm water to run directly over the piercing for 10-20 seconds. The pressure will do a good job of removing any soaps or conditioners and buildup.
- Do not touch your piercing! There is no need to spin, rotate or move the jewelry. The less you touch it, the quicker it should settle in.
- Do not sleep on your piercing for at least the initial healing period (between 2-3 months), or until your downsize.
- Do not put anything into your piercing that you would not put into your eyes. This includes soaps, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, tea tree oil, neosporin etc.
-Your body is doing the work in healing your piercing. Don't over complicate it.
- Schedule your check up appointment between 6-12 weeks (depending on what you got pierced). We will evaluate how your piercing is healing and downsize your initial post if needed.
- If anything seems "off" with your piercing, reach out. Most things can be taken care of easily if taken care of soon enough.
- Don't take advice from Dr. Google! Contact us with any questions or concerns and we will get you taken care of."