Booking Appointments

How to book an appointment at Ahimsa Piercing Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Thanks for booking an appointment with Ahimsa Piercing Studio, we’re looking forward to your visit!

Here is some information to help make the process easy, safe and enjoyable for you. 
  • Please do not book if you are unsure you can make the scheduled time, are not of the required age for a piercing or have any other reason that you may not make your appointment. Gratefully, our clients keep us very busy and to avoid any scheduling issues we would request that you follow these simple rules before you hit the “Book Now” Button.
  • If you have any piercing questions, jewelry questions or ANY other question, before you book some time,  just let us know. We’re here to help! 

  • We are incredibly flexible with scheduling and understand that life happens. There are times that you will need to reschedule. Please reach out to us within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment, so that we can open up your time slot to another client who might be waiting to come see us. 

  • Please note that any client that books an appointment and “No Shows,” without contacting us, will no longer be able to book any future appointments at Ahimsa. We respect your time and expect the same from our clients.  

  • We are working by appointment only. Prepare to arrive on time, do not arrive early. Please be advised we will not provide services to clients without masks and no more than one client and one guest are allowed in the studio during an appointment. 
I totally get it and would love to book an appointment, take me to the calendar!!