Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions!


We require government issued ID from any person getting pierced at our studio. We offer ear lobe piercings to clients aged 10-15. Cartilage, nostril, septum and navel piercings are available to clients aged 16+. All other piercings require you to be over the age of 18. Minors looking to be pierced at our studio must complete a release form with their parent or legal guardian and be accompanied by that person to their appointment. We will require ID from both the parent and the child. Acceptable forms of ID include - Driver's license or permit, non-driver's photo ID, NYC ID, passport or birth certificate. We do not accept school ID.

We charge $45 for any single piercing at our studio, and $25 for each additional in the same sitting, plus the cost of jewelry. The price of jewelry will vary depending on the piercing, but for most areas we will start with a stud. Our collection of studs in yellow, rose and white gold begin in price at $100 each and go up from there depending on the design.

We do not use outside jewelry at our studio. If you have a piece that we previously purchased from us, we can reuse it, as long as the size is appropriate for your new piercing! If you own BVLA jewelry from another reputable studio, and it is appropriate for your new piercing, we can use it and the piercing service will be $50 as opposed to $45.

There is no charge for us to check up on any piercing that was done at our studio! If a downsize is needed for your piercing, shorter posts range in price from $20-$25 each. We suggest all clients come in for a check up between 6-12 weeks depending on the piercing received. Additional information will be provided at your appointment.

Yes. We require appointments for all services at our studio, including jewelry consultations. To guarantee we are able to provide all clients with a pleasant experience, please schedule a Jewelry Consultation here. During this appointment you will be able to browse our entire collection, and have any new pieces that you purchase inserted into your healed piercings!

We are here for you! The easiest first step is to email us at ahimsapiercingstudio@gmail.com with a photo of your piercing. In a lot of instances we can provide further instruction for care without you needing to come into the studio. If additional assistance is needed, we will get you set up with a piercing consultation.

If you do not see a service listed on our booking page, we do not offer it at Ahimsa.

No. With the exception of Daith piercings, we will not pierce you with a hoop.

Check out our aftercare info here

If your question was not answered here, please reach out to us at ahimsapiercingstudio@gmail.com or by phone at (929)305-3400.