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Ahimsa Piercing Studio & BVLA Fine Jewelry

Jewelry Insertion Kit

Jewelry Insertion Kit

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Includes: 1x 18g or 16g Pin Taper, 2x Alcohol Pads, 1x Saline Wipe and 1x Packet of Lubricating Jelly

Use the alcohol pads to clean your jewelry before insertion. Gently wipe your piercing with the saline pad and dip the smooth end of the insertion taper into a small amount of lube. Work the taper into your piercing using the smooth end. The post will fit onto the other end of the taper and can be guided in easily! With threadless jewelry you will insert the post from the back. With threaded jewelry, the direction will depend on which side you will be fastening first. (Threaded jewelry can be secured either with the backing on first, where you screw the decorative end onto the post after inserting from the back OR with the decorative end fastened to the post and inserted from the front before screwing your backing on) Once the post is in place, you can press your threadless end on OR screw your decorative threaded top or backing on. Additional information can be found here.

No jewelry is included with this item.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer returns, refunds or exchanges.


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